cjdns - powering the Hyperboria network snowden-quote.jpg [WIRED] You are on CLEARNET. Install cjdns to access Hyperboria. Install cjdns Test binaries: BuildBawt Perhaps try Public Peers to get on Hyperboria Once installed, try loading h.cjdns.ca to test browser configs pkt.chat or irc.efnet.org/#cjdns for help Other resources PKT (packetcrypt): bandwidth intensive mining pkt.cash main site pktd blockchain + wallet packetcrypt_rs miner curl -s http://cjdns.ca/pkt.sh | sh # try it out, and mine for meh! Or mine via Windows GUI for packetcrypt: minr Anode-VPN: cjdns and PKT powered VPN. anode.co | Android source | Android install | iStuff install PacketScan: PKT Explorer Clearnet || Hyperboria PKT.watch: pkt.watch/pool-urls for use in minr Or see my silly txtblog for perhaps some amusements [ Contact: ircerr@EFNet || ircerr@HypeIRC || ircerr.ca ] [[ DONATIONS : Weed funds to 1ircerrTmfzfiRzJXWBsfMCpkRkA3USGw (Bitcoin) ]]

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