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# 20160208-amusing-usage-cases.txt

Here are some amusing usage cases for cjdns.

## Better Ransomware, er, Remote Secure + Remote Wipe Tool

Use regular ransomware
 perhaps nodejs version
Use cjdns
Use public peering for anonymous and fast darknet access
Use regular ransomware backend on a disposable vps to host backend service

Trigger remotely on command or lack of a responce
Trigger on total loss of RF (cell+wifi) [faraday bag detector]

Once triggered, new user must pay for access to device.
If unapproved user may only get a factory reset or bricked device
 No need to unlock if it was stolen or removed without a lawful warrent

## Better Piracy, er, Personal Media Access

Use modified Popcorn time or bittorrent client
Use modified trackers
Allow access only to fc00::/8 (cjdns network) via tun device
Drop all packets to/from non fc00::/8 for both client/dht and trackers

Use cjdns-python gui or simular app for setup/config
Auto add public peers for hyperboria access
Auto share peering credentials to peer with other users to allow incoming
Manually add Personal devices
 Auto detect LAN devices and auto exchange peering
 Flag own devices as 'full access', all others as 'read only'

List all files on local disk and list as streamable resources.
Allow playback of remote or local media in local player (vlc?)

## Viral nodes, er, anonymous contributed cloud resources

Run cjds in user mode without tun access
Auto update cjdns
Run API on public port
Auto update public peers lists
Auto add self to public peers lists including API IP:PORT
Add random peers
Remove dud peers

Useful for non root(ed) boxen and devices
 or automatic installation across a vast number of systems
 or automatic detection and installation of usable devices

## Viral profitable nodes, er, anonymous contributed cloud revenue resources
Same as above but with pay per packet routing + anon bitcoin laundry addresses

## ?

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