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# Proof of Work
An accounting/transaction system with soe Some form of Proof of Work
Per node provable history via hash chain?
Verify a node by asking peers to confirm current/prior block hash?

Link each node to its direct peers' accounting system
Encode local block hashes/other info into peer blockchains
Use peers' chains as a log / verifable historical record of events

# Game Sessions
Game begins with a new unique seed for shared genesis block
Game exipres when block reaches expiration date or max xfers or

# Game Data
Coins are not themselves useful, they just prove actions in game
Actions/Events are limited to be fair on all players
Entries into log are only valid if using current game session information

# Definitions
node: an entity within the game network; a physical cjdns instance


totally trivial random thc inspired blending of ideas and concepts... 

Know of any bitcoin/blockchain they setups where every node is a unique chain
but nodes sign own states into remote chains to prove their own validity and

what im thinking is game that uses a shared but verifyable blockchain type
event log
idea would be ya mine a peers block when ya do changes to your own that ya
want recorded as happening when ya said they did
ya save a move or checksum of such as proof into as many as ya can so others
can check to see that multiple others did see it happen when ya said it did
coins themselves wouldnt be of value unless they were only used with reasonable
resource creation and usage constraits which others would have to verify and
accept they fit within the current game rules/model/setup
'I sent 100 $offensive_weapons against $enemy' + proof I had said I was
building them and built them within the limits of my provable resources and
proof I spent those resources to do it
results would come back as part of that 'transaction' heh
*shrug* I donno... basically just thinking of how to do independant verifiable
game actions but with a network of untrusted players... again...

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