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# BEGIN 20150210-HypeVidShare.txt
# HypeVidShare.txt

Hyperborian Video Sharing Service

# Short discription
Video Sharing system based on PopCornTime using authorized content list
All content is verified to be CC or otherwise shareable
All content runs through participating Nodes on network

# Details
Uses cjdns based network
 Optionally could use Hyperboira when quotas and other management exists

Open Peers based network management
 Independant cjdns network based on participating Nodes or Servers
 Collect Open Peers node lists from known Open Peers
  Seed from dns, file, irc, url, etc.
 Optionally register as Open Peers node
  Allow other nodes to create peering link to your node
  Must be able to accept new inbound connections
  Must be able to run services

Code based on PopCornTime (javascript)

Built in system to use hashes to validate permissions
 Fetch hashlists from approved sources/sites
 Share hashlists with other peers
 Include hashlist of approved vids
  Content owners add these to a list
   Authorship and distribution rights are verified
   Contact info is available for disputes
   Auto DMCA counter notices approved to be sent.
  These can be used to create indexes and searches for content
# Include hashlist of banned vids
#  These will simply never appear to user
#  These only apply to previously listed hashes that lost counter-dmca
#  Authorship and true right owners are verified
#  Includes content owner contact info for future disputes

Inital Content
 Add CC content related to cjdns, mesh-locals, hyperboria.

Content Addition
 User gives rights to content and verification of CC or appropriate licence
 User includes source(s) of content
 User lists contact info for dispute of rights and agrees to contest any issues
 User hosts content for distribution or has it hosted

Content Disputes
 Content is listed by hash with owner, source, and licence information
 Any content can be disputed by filling out a form and signing it
 All DMCA disputes result in automatic counter-dmca claim on behalf of user.
 Failed counter-suits result in removal and blacklisting of content
 Successful counter-suites result in legal action against false claims

 All content shown must be in list of approved hashes
 All content will be automatically disputed with permission of rights holders
 All invalid claims will be treated as a crime and persued by legal means
 All code is fully configurable
 Lists require agreement to terms and conditions to satisfy rights holders
  and allow for agressive disputing of any claim against usage
 User modification of hash list / configuration voids rights to use lists
 User modification of authorship system voids rights to use lists
 This software is free to use and modify
 It is illegal to break local laws. These vary. No need to repeat the obvious.

Repurpose of Code
 Mods to a configure file and use own sources and anti-spam systems
 Using other sources voids usage of managed sources and content

# EOF #
# EOF 20150210-HypeVidShare.txt


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